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 Moore Flooring

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American Walnut

Domestic Hardwoods

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Tigar Wood

Exotic Hardwoods

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Moore Flooring is the profesional company your looking for. We not only beleave that or craftsmanship should speek for itself, we also feel as though home owners should have an idea of what to expect and look for in materials. So we have brought the only hardwood sand and finish showroom in our area. You'll find economical hardwoods to custom high end pre finished and sight finished options.

Hardwood Grade, Cut and Stucture Explained

When choosing your hardwood, keep in mind that changing the grading and cut of the wood can change its appearance. Different cuts of wood also provide more dimensionally sound flooring and denser wood. Click on the picture to see possible choices and examples. 

Bona Cleaning Supplies For Sale

Bona Cleaning Products Bona Cleaning Products

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