Custom Options

When it comes to custom options within your home, the possibilities are endless. Moore Flooring can offer all of the featured options below, as well as utilize them together in one imaginative ensemble of artistic design and beauty.

Borders/Feature Strips

Borders can be installed around the perimeter of the room using various wood species, designs and mixed media. This is typically done to contrast the majority of the wood floor installed using lighter colors to off-set darker colors or vice versa. Feature strips are usually 1-2 strips of a different species that can border the room or split the room in two. Feature strips are easy to incorporate into a room and can simply be eye catching.


Medallions are installed on a floor into central points of focus like in a formal dining area or in a foyer. Medallions can embody multiple species, designs, patterns and mixed media. They are manufactured in a factory or can be custom designed by you and your contractor. Medallions can typically be installed into an existing hardwood floor, so talk to your contractor about options in your home.

Mixed Media

Different materials can be added to your hardwood floor like metals, stone and tile.  Metal inlays can coincide with kitchen appliances.  Stone can match the hearth. Tile patterns can be interlaced with wood.


Different colors of stain can be used on the floor whether it’s on the same species, a variety of different species or to contrast borders from the field.

 Random Species

By alternating species on a floor, you can achieve a custom appearance like using Red Oak and White Oak or something of greater contrast like Brazilian Cherry and Maple.

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