Installation Types


Nail/Staple Down

The nail down method is typically used for solid wood flooring of ¾” thick strip or plank flooring to a wooden sub-floor. The nails are driven down through the tongue of the flooring and fasten securely in the sub-floor beneath. Please refer to the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association for proper sub-floor and fastener guidelines for all solid wood floor installation ( Staples work the same way, although they may have limitations depending on the thickness of the solid wood flooring to be installed. Staples are generally used for the installation of engineered flooring, and they provide an ease of use for the contractor or weekend warrior (DIY). Please refer to the manufacturer of the engineered flooring for recommendations on installation.

Glue Down

Glue is primarily used to attach hardwood flooring to fully cured and dry concrete substrates or wood when nailing is just not an option. Glue is also used as a sound reduction barrier and can help soften the transfer of noise when hardwood is installed in applications such as apartment buildings and high rises. Hardwood that is installed using the nail down method can tend to have higher noise transfer between floors. Please refer to the flooring manufacturer for recommendations on installation.

Nail/Glue Down

In some cases when installing plank flooring 4” and wider, nailing and gluing the boards are recommended. Please refer to the flooring manufacturer or the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association ( for recommendations on installation.



A floating floor is engineered hardwood that is installed by attaching each board to the next with out any adherence to the sub-floor. The boards are attached using a bead of glue on the tongue or by a click together system. Floating floors are easy to install for a DIY project and can generally be installed over existing flooring such as tile or vinyl. When nailing or gluing engineered flooring down, each board expands and contracts independently. On a floating system the entire floor moves as one unit which will help reduce any cracks or cupping between boards in areas of fluctuating temperature/humidity levels. Floating floors can also be sanded dependent on how thick the wear layer is. Please refer to the flooring manufacturer for recommendations installation.

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