Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing & Restoration

Hardwood floor sanding, staining and finishing is our specialty.  Not only are all of our Bona Finishes and Adhesives GreenGuard Certified, but we also offer dustless sanding. Making dust clean up no longer an issue! Our machines are rated the best in the world for dust control and containment, which provides a cleaner environment for the homeowner as the work progresses.  The homeowner is no longer required to be shut off to sections of their home or restricted to areas of their home by plastic sheets. 


3/4 Inch Sand, Stain and Refinish

3/4 Inch hardwood flooring is among the most common types of floor covering that has been installed in homes in the United States.  Its timeless value, style, and look have kept hardwood floors a mainstay for homes as it requires little maintenance to sustain the beauty inherent in wood floors.  Moore Flooring is qualified and able to attain and install any hardwood that a homeowner may wish for, as well as sand and finish older, worn floors to the client's satifaction.


3/4 Inch hardwood gives a homeowner the option to sand and refinish their current floor rather than committing to a completely new installation. This allows the homeowner to gain more from their original purchase then that of other types of flooring.  Also, homeowner can choose to change both finishes and stains to make their home unique.  Finally, hardwood floors continue to make people happy with their homes long after the installation is complete.


Something to Consider: 3/4 Inch hardwood is limited to above grade subfloors.  This means that if more than 20% of your subfloor is below the grade of the earth's surface around the house then you could be limited in your hardwood choices. This factor is something we would be happy to discuss in order to help our clients make the most informed decision about their floors. 

Engineered Hardwood Sand, Stain and Finish

In the new age of home building, concrete subfloors have become both economical and beneficial to home builders; however, in the long run this limits the homeowner to prefinished floors only.  Moore Flooring has the availability of a pre-engineered flooring that has the same wear layer of a 3/4 Inch, but also has the ability to be glued directly to the concrete slab.  Engineered flooring offers a more structurally sound core to 3/4 Inch and has the ability to remain more stable in areas that can produce moisture build up.  At Moore Flooring we have the experience to install these floors as well as sand and finish them.

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